Cooking Witch Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Cooking Witch mod apk is a very unusual representative of the time management genre, which will take place not in a modern cafe, but in a medieval world where magic exists. Become a magic chef and use your spell to cook only the best dishes for your subjects! But keep in mind that your charms are not limitless, so you will have to use traditional cooking tools.

Gameplay Cooking Witch mod apk

In Cooking Witch mod is nothing at all difficult. You just need to perform a certain sequence of actions to prepare the various dishes that different characters will order from you. With each level, the number of recipes will increase, according to which you will prepare dishes. But even this is not the most difficult thing, but the fact that the number of visitors who will not wait long will constantly increase!

In breaking Cooking Witch hack you will move through dozens of levels, where you will cook all sorts of dishes. Do not forget to improve your cooking utensils to always be able to cook much faster! After all, then there will be only more tests.

Features hacking Cooking Witch mod apk

With the help of modifications for Cooking Witch mod, you can always buy everything you need for your magic kitchen. It’s very simple – you are provided with unlimited play money that you can spend on everything that is in the breaking Cooking Witch hack! Use this opportunity to play without any restrictions at all.


Cooking Witch mod is a magical story in a fictional world where you will try your best to make your place the most popular! Serve customers quickly, cook the coolest dishes and collect valuable rewards for their work.

Download Cooking Witch hack, you can always free and unlimited, using the links that will lead you to download a full game on your mobile device. Download the modification, if it is difficult to play and you want to get everything at once!

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