Counter Assault – Online FPS Mod + Apk for Android

Counter Assault – Online FPS mod apk – a game where you will save your city from mutants. These infected creatures will destroy everything that comes their way. If they see a live object, they will immediately add it to their team. Stay away from them as far as possible and do not dare to enter the battlefield without a weapon. You will find a large number of tests with which you will have to cope.

Gameplay Counter Assault – Online FPS mod apk

In the game Counter Assault – Online FPS mod you will have an important mission – to kill all infected creatures. The city is haunted by a terrible virus that kills all living things in a couple of seconds. Without a special suit and weapons you can not leave the house, do not waste time and go to the store. Here you will have a large selection of attributes that will be useful to you. First look at the characteristics, and only then make a decision.

As soon as you collect your hero in the breaking Counter Assault – Online FPS hack go through a small briefing that the game will provide you. It takes you only a couple of minutes, but you will learn some of the secrets of the game. Now you are fully prepared for battle, so you can proceed to battle. Be very careful, because at any moment the enemy can pounce on you.

Features hacking Counter Assault – Online FPS mod apk

The game Counter Assault – Online FPS mod has no features, but this does not make it any worse. Here you will wander around the city alone and fight dangerous monsters. As soon as you see your enemy, immediately open fire and do not wait for him to approach. For each dead man killed in the Counter Assault – Online FPS hack, you will receive a reward.


Counter Assault – Online FPS mod – a game that makes you move well. Here you need to think through every move, otherwise you can join the ranks of the dead. If you are infected, use the first aid kit, otherwise try to complete the level again. You can admire your achievements in the rating table.

You can afford the game Counter Assault – Online FPS hack can everyone, because it is very easy to install. Take a mobile device or any gadget convenient for you and click on the install button. Good luck!

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