Crab War Mod + Apk for Android

Crab War mod apk is a struggle for territory. You join the ranks of brave crabs, who must return their property. Until recently, these harmless creatures lived in peace and basked in the sun, but envy enveloped the vile reptiles, and they drove the locals away. It’s been quite a few years since crabs huddle in a damp cave, but a miracle happened. One of the curious crabs found a crystal of power and dragged it into his tribe. Now crabs are not so weak and they want to try to return to their domain.

Gameplay Crab War mod apk

Crab War mod breaking puts you a specific task – to return the house to crabs and drive away the reptiles. Be prepared for difficulties, because enemies will not simply give up their place in the sun. Your army of considerable size, but every fighter in the account. After all, you can connect crabs and get stronger individuals. Immediately so it will not work, only passing from the stage to a new stage.

You can also replenish the ranks of your army with the help of a store. In Crab War hack you can buy any crab, but you need a game currency. As you already guessed it can be obtained by winning a duel. Beware of the language of reptiles, it is very long. In one sweep, the enemy can destroy half of your army. Use your powerful tentacles to prevent trouble. Do not pay attention to the size of the enemy, small – does not mean weak.

Features of hacking Crab War mod apk

The main advantage in the game Crab War mod breaking will be your budget. You can buy yourself a dozen crabs and improve them. But one should not scatter soldiers, it is better to put coins into stronger crabs. Make their claws more powerful, increase the force of impact and you can even change the color in Crab War hack.

The result

Crab War mod breaking shows that nothing is impossible. You can be a small crab and go into battle, as a result of which to win. You need to strive for the best and then everything will necessarily happen. In this charming game you can play at home, at work or at a time convenient for you. Your team is always ready and waiting for your instructions.

Game Crab War hack can be downloaded in one click and completely free. You get the full version, without additional purchases. When you start the game you will be greeted by a pleasant melody and clear graphics that will only awaken in you the spirit of victory.

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