Crazy Taxi City Rush Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Crazy Taxi City Rush mod apk is a spiritual heir to a cool and dynamic arcade racing game that offers you a completely different approach to a profession like a taxi driver. Get ready for hurricane chases, because your customers are primarily interested in speed, not driving accuracy. Moreover, they do not care about their own safety at all and they are willing to pay extra for any damage that you cause on the way!

Gameplay Crazy Taxi City Rush mod apk

In Crazy Taxi City Rush mod the whole game is divided into missions that will take place in different parts of the city. Before starting your career as a taxi driver, you need to decide on a character. Each character has its own unique features, keep this in mind! Then numerous missions await you, where you will take customers to their destinations in an extremely short period of time. So push if you want to pick up the reward!

In the cracking Crazy Taxi City Rush hack, you can also choose a car for tasks. Like the characters, cars also have their own characteristics, so you have to wisely choose your car for tasks, balancing between speed and handling!

Features hacking Crazy Taxi City Rush mod apk

If you want to open all the gaming opportunities in Crazy Taxi City Rush mod, then you can always use a special modification! It was created just in case you don’t want to accumulate experience and make money, but simply plunge into the world of madness and complete tasks in the Crazy Taxi City Rush hack without breaking.


Crazy Taxi City Rush mod offers you the most insane three-dimensional taxi races that you have not seen in your life. Perform tasks with the maximum result to earn as much money as possible!

To start playing Taxi City Rush hack, you just download the game to your mobile device! To do this, use the links and download, without limitation, both the original game and the cool modification that unlocks all the gaming features from the start!

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