Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire mod apk is a fun strategy clicker based on the same crazy racing arcade game, where the principle remains the same, but now you have to control the whole taxi fleet, indicating to your drivers who to pick up and where to go. But do not worry, the corporate style of the game series has not gone away, so you again expect crazy races around the city, where taxi drivers do not reckon with traffic!

Gameplay Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire mod apk

In Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire mod is easy to play. Probably even easier than the original game! All you have to do is hire drivers, turn out cars and send them to the streets to do their jobs. Just click on the portraits, and the taxi drivers will pick up the passenger and take him wherever he needs in the shortest possible time, knocking down everything that is just moving on his way.

In cracking the Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire hack, you also need to constantly improve your business so as not to burn out and open access to more exclusive challenges. To do this, get as much as possible cool cars and hire real professionals in your business, so that the money just flowed into your hands!

Features hacking Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire mod apk

For those who are still difficult to play Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire mod, there is a great modification! It simply adds a huge amount of money to your virtual account that you can spend at your own discretion and no one even asks you for it! A great solution for an extremely quick start in cracking the Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire hack!


Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire mod is all the same crazy taxi, but now you will not sit behind the wheel of a taxi, but in the manager’s chair, constantly sending your employees to the calls and collecting profits from them. Now you can prove not the ability to drive fast, but the ability to collect money!

Download Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire hack you can do without any problems and completely free! Just follow the links and take your copy of the full version of the game, not only in the original, but also with a modification!

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