Criminal Case Mod + Apk for Android

Criminal Case mod apk – this is an incredibly exciting quest, in which you have to try on the role of a detective and uncover more than one crime! Be prepared for the fact that here you are waiting for intricate puzzles, riddles and a sea of ​​unobvious things that can lead you to a denouement and uncover the secret of the criminal. Go through hundreds of crimes and open them all to not only protect citizens from intruders and murderers, but also to earn the glory of the best detective in the world!

Gameplay Criminal Case mod apk

Criminal Case mod is a series of puzzles and quests, where you need to solve puzzles and look for hidden items that will be useful in the investigation. Each case is unique, it has its own plot, riddles and an incredible denouement, to which you also have to get. Look for clues, investigate crime scenes, communicate with witnesses and suspects. Do everything to solve all the mysteries in this game.

To make it easier for you to investigate a crime, Criminal Case hack adds some simplification to the game and unlocks the content. This makes the game much easier and adds tips to you where you are stuck.

Features Criminal Case mod apk

The creators of Criminal Case mod tried to fame, creating stunning and intricate stories, as in the best detective novels. All this is accompanied by a qualitative, but somewhat caricature, two-dimensional graphics. Technically, Criminal Case hack is completely at the level.

The result

Criminal Case mod- a great detective game that believably conveys all the hardships of the service in the police. Here you can not just search for evidence, but also explore them, as well as communicate with various characters and interrogate suspects.

Criminal Case hack – this is a full game, which is available to you completely free. Simply download the game to your mobile device and enjoy the full game process, playing in all available cases. This is really an interesting game that will tell you an amazing story. Do not pass by her.

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