Crystal Picnic Mod + Apk for Android

Crystal Picnic mod apk – a game where you go to save their stocks. This is where you will get the role of a duck, from which all sugar was stolen. The ants did this because they cannot live without delicacies. Now you are forced to go to visit them and pick up the remaining crystals. You have a long and dangerous path that will try to interfere with your goal.

Gameplay Crystal Picnic mod apk

In the Crystal Picnic mod game, you have been robbed on a large scale and therefore you must take action. You will not be able to contact the police, as she is simply not there. You only need to buy a gun and go in search of thieves. To do this, go to the store where you will be provided with a large selection of weapons. You can also dress up your hero.

As soon as you cope with this task in the Crystal Picnic hack, you can immediately hit the road. Be very careful, unless of course you want to quickly get defeated. In the case of a meeting with a fixed object, just go around it. To do this, click on your hero and he will do everything himself. But if you meet the enemy, do not forget about the presence of weapons.

Features hacking Crystal Picnic mod apk

The Crystal Picnic mod game has no features, but that doesn’t make it any worse. Here you will not just wander among beautiful landscapes, but fulfill an important mission. With each level you will become more difficult and have to put more effort. For each successfully completed level in the Crystal Picnic hack you will receive an award that you can spend here.


Crystal Picnic mod is a simple game in which you can have a fun time. In fact, here you just have to wander and fight with your opponents to regain your reserves of sugar crystals. But even here you can get defeated if you are inattentive. In this case, just go through the level again, thereby solving the problem.

Installing the game Crystal Picnic hack does not take you much time and effort. Take the mobile device you use every day and connect to the network. Now click on the install button and wait until the game is fully loaded.

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