Cubiques Mod + Apk for Android

Cubiques mod apk is a game where you will constantly strain your brain. Initially, the game will seem simple to you, because you will only have to perform a couple of actions. But remember that the initial levels imply a mere learning, and with each stage will be added difficulties. Here you can not rush to make your decision, but first think carefully.

Gameplay Cubiques mod apk

In the game Cubiques mod you have to control a geometric figure, which will have to pass a given route. Manage the subject is quite simple, you just click on it. You will need to think about the way for your figure to reach the final point. Initially, you will be given simple combinations that you can handle without any problems.

With each level in breaking Cubiques hack you will add difficulty and you will have to bypass it. How to do this, you will have to guess yourself. Nice music and clear graphics will help you to concentrate fully on the game and cope with the task. You will also need to control the movement of the cube so that it does not fall down.

Features hacking Cubiques mod apk

The Cubiques mod game has no peculiarities and real geniuses will be able to appreciate it. With the help of this game you can not bleed your brain and develop your thinking. If you succeed in completing the level, then as a reward you will receive bonuses in breaking Cubiques hack. They will help you improve your position in the ranking table. Launch the game now!


Cubiques mod is a game that does not attract you with its cover. Here everything is decorated in minimal style, so that nothing will distract you from the gameplay. You will only have one square in your hands and you will have to deliver it to the end point. You will need to touch each tile, which will be located on the playground.

Anyone can Cubiques hack the game, since it is easy to install. Take a mobile device or any gadget convenient for you and click on the install button. Wait for the full download and you can enjoy the gameplay.

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