Daddy Long Legs Mod + Apk for Android

Daddy Long Legs mod apk is a seemingly simple game in its essence, but it sets very complex tasks for you to solve in order to set a new record. The essence of the game is simple – to help the game character with incredibly long legs overcome as much distance as possible. Think it’s very simple? And you try to deal with local management and realize that this is a very difficult test!

Gameplay Daddy Long Legs mod apk

In Daddy Long Legs mod you will have one single goal – to help the game character take as many steps as possible and go the furthest. This will be a very difficult task, because your hero has very long legs that need to be properly placed on the surface in order to be a support for his body. One has only to stumble, and the character with a roar will fall down, forcing you to re-pass the level.

There is nothing difficult in Daddy Long Legs hack, one has only to deal with the controls. It consists only in clicking on the screen. In this case, the longer you press, the farther the character puts his foot. It is necessary to properly distribute the balance of the body, so that the hero can successfully stand on his feet and not fall!

Features hacking Daddy Long Legs mod apk

A special feature of the modification for Daddy Long Legs mod is the provision of various bonuses, thanks to which the gameplay will become much easier. If you want to make your gaming life a lot easier, then take advantage of this opportunity and calmly go through all the steps in breaking into Daddy Long Legs hack!


Daddy Long Legs mod is an unusual arcade game where you will train for a long time in order to achieve tangible success. Well, if you want to aim a blow at the world record, you will have to sweat thoroughly, it’s not so easy to manage the long legs of the game character.

Download Daddy Long Legs hack to your mobile device at any convenient time. Just follow the links and download the full version of the game on your mobile device, then just play and enjoy the gameplay!

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