Dark Sword Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Dark Sword mod apk is a very atmospheric adventure role-playing game that offers you to plunge into a completely new amazing world of magic and epic battles. Take under your personal control a lonely warrior and go with him through a rather difficult path, where you have to constantly fight with whole crowds of enemies that you will confront and hinder on the way to achieve all your goals in the game!

Gameplay Dark Sword mod apk

Dark Sword mod is a stylish action dark-fantasy role-playing game that offers you incredibly atmospheric levels filled with numerous and diverse opponents. At first, you will simply have to defeat them, but over time, their power will only grow, so you do not lag behind your enemies and in time pump over the characteristics of your hero.

In addition to skills, breaking into Dark Sword hack also matters what kind of weapons you carry with you. At first, only weak swords are available to you, but as you progress you will open access to more advanced weapons that can defeat even the most powerful monsters and bosses that are in the game!

Features hacking Dark Sword mod apk

If it’s hard to play, why not get unlimited access to everything in Dark Sword mod? Fortunately, you can always use the modification, which adds an infinite amount of play money to your virtual account, for which you can buy all the game items and features in the Dark Sword hack! Play without limits and get pleasure from it!


To win the Dark Sword mod, you need to be patient. After all, you will kill some opponents for a long time. But still it is worth it, because you immerse yourself in a unique and unusual world of shadows!

Start your dive in Dark Sword hack can be quite simple. You can always download the latest version of the game for free on this site by simply clicking on the links and downloading all the necessary files to your mobile device. Install the game and play without restrictions in the full version!

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