Dawn of the Dragons Mod + Apk for Android

Dawn of the Dragons mod apk – is an interesting text-based multiplayer role-playing game in which you are waiting for communication with other players and careful play of their role. Create the main character in your own image and help him achieve significant success, fighting monsters and collecting artifacts. But there is one feature of this game – you will perform all the actions in text mode, so you do not need a high reaction rate to win!

Gameplay Dawn of the Dragons mod apk

In Dawn of the Dragons mod, as already mentioned, the whole process of the game will take place in text mode. This means that even battles here will give you a choice of a few buttons, clicking on which will cause damage both to you and the enemy. Here everything will depend solely on your characteristics, as well as a certain amount of luck, because everything here can happen quite by accident!

Dawn of the Dragons hack targets will be pretty standard. You just need to move around the game world, fight monsters and complete quests in order to receive cash and other rewards, as well as improve performance and level. The higher your level, the harder it will be to kill you, but the enemies will come across more steep.

Features hacking Dawn of the Dragons mod apk

In Dawn of the Dragon mod you have to independently achieve your goals, if you want to fully play with other players. Enjoy the original version, but with the opportunity to find friends around the world, to fight together and get significant rewards for clearing dungeons in the breaking of Dawn of the Dragons hack!


Dawn of the Dragons mod – re-reviving the genre of text role-playing games. This game is perfect for those who want high-quality role-playing, but do not want to spend forces on constant battles with enemies, where you need maximum concentration. Just develop the hero and press the buttons!

Download Dawn of the Dragons hack without restrictions and for free. Follow the links to immediately start downloading the game on your mobile device. Then play and enjoy the game process at any time!

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