DEAD 2048 Mod (Endless Money) + Apk for Android

DEAD 2048 mod apk is a very unusual puzzle game that combines a puzzle and strategy like “tower defense”. You will find yourself in a world in which darkness and devastation prevail, and bloodthirsty zombies walk through the streets. Lead one of the last strongholds of humanity and protect them from the attacks of these living dead! To do this, you will be given many levels, which will solve fascinating puzzles! Become the last hope of humanity for survival!

Gameplay DEAD 2048 mod apk

DEAD 2048 mod is a synthesis of a puzzle and strategy. The puzzle is a kind of the famous game of 2048, with the only difference is that by combining the same elements, you will receive reinforced structures, each level of which will increase the ability to attack. Thus, you will erect protective fortifications, which will be useful in order to defend themselves against zombies, that they will follow a given route and be attacked by your buildings.

In general, DEAD 2048 hack is a non-standard puzzle, where the essence is not the collection of glasses, but the creation of reliable defensive structures that will restrain entire hordes over several waves!

Features of hacking DEAD 2048 mod apk

DEAD 2048 mod, as in most games, provides you with a modification, which makes all game money endless. This allows you to without any restrictions to acquire the best bonuses and amplifications that will help you with the passage of complex areas. With them, you will pass the DEAD 2048 hack much faster!

The result

DEAD 2048 mod is an interesting game with its own chips. The main of them, of course, is the non-standard execution of puzzles themselves, which are used here not for recruiting, but for practical purposes to destroy bloodthirsty zombies.

Download DEAD 2048 hack completely free! Just follow the links and download the game to your mobile device. Well, then play and enjoy a full version with a modification to the endless game money, for which you can get a lot of useful in this game!

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