Desert Worms Mod + Apk for Android

Desert Worms mod apk is a fascinating racing arcade with a top view that offers you a dangerous journey to another planet, where you will need to search and pick up various items on an inhospitable surface. Be prepared for the difficulties from the first minutes, because you will be confronted by underground worms, who will strive to destroy everyone who disturb their peace with all their might! So avoid accidents and try to complete the task!

Gameplay Desert Worms mod apk

In Desert Worms mod is a fairly simple gameplay, where you just need to drive a car and move on various levels. You need to complete tasks to successfully complete the level and proceed to the next stage. But not everything is as simple as it seems. In addition to various obstacles that must be avoided in every way, huge underground worms will prevent you from carrying out missions! Run away from them if you do not want to become their food!

In the break-in Desert Worms hack there is a choice of several cars, each of which has its own special characteristics that will help to overcome the most difficult stages. Also in the game there are a variety of bonuses that you can pick at the levels to get temporary gain.

Features hacking Desert Worms mod apk

If you do not want to overcome the tests, and want to just run through the levels in Desert Worms mod, then use the modification! The only difference will be that with it you can easily open all the gaming opportunities and levels. Well, if you want all the same tests, you can always download the original Desert Worms hack!


Desert Worms mod is a fantastic arcade game that will transfer you to another planet, where you will try your best to survive and complete the task to the end. Start the engine and avoid the underground creatures to win!

In Desert Worms hack, you can play without restrictions if you download the game on this site. Thanks to free links, you will receive not only the original, but also a modification that simplifies the gameplay with its capabilities!

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