Detective – Horror escape Mod + Apk for Android

Detective – Horror escape mod apk – a game where you can visit the mansion. But here you will not come to rest, but to open a case. You will get the role of a detective who has already helped many people. This time you were ordered by a rich family who lost their child. They say that the girl went to her old house, where her new parents found her.

Gameplay Detective – Horror escape mod apk

In the game Detective – Horror escape mod, a terrible atmosphere awaits you, which will not allow you to relax and for a split second. With clear graphics and mystical music, you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. Here on the very outskirts of the city there is an abandoned mansion, which is not the best news.

Just a couple of months ago, a girl was picked up by Detective – Horror escape hack, which was picked up by a young couple. The child was not happy about the new home and was constantly rushing into the old estate. Parents were against such walks and did not let her back, because there is not safe. However, the girl managed to escape and run away from strangers to her people.

Features hacking Detective – Horror escape mod apk

Although the game Detective – Horror escape mod and has no features, it can catch up on you is not frail fear. If you want the most thrill, turn off the light in your room and turn on the music at full volume. In hacking Detective – Horror escape hack monsters await you, which suddenly will jump on you. If you are not afraid, then start the game.


Detective – Horror escape mod – a dark game that is suitable for those who like to tickle their nerves. Here you will not be bored for sure, because you will not be left alone. With all this, you have to perform tasks for which you will receive a reward. With each step you will become not only worse, but also more difficult.

Allow yourself to play Detective – Horror escape hack everyone can, because it is easy to install. Take a mobile device or any gadget convenient for you and click on the install button. Wait for the full download and after a couple of minutes you can enjoy the gameplay.

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