Detective Story Mod + Apk for Android

Detective Story mod apk is an amazing and very exciting detective quest game where you will investigate various crimes using your own logic, ingenuity and attentiveness. Become a real detective and solve all the puzzles in order to successfully confront the villain and calculate him among several suspects. The game includes both communication with witnesses and suspects, and the search for evidence at the crime scene and their further analysis.

Gameplay Detective Story mod apk

Detective Story mod is a typical representative of “point and click” quest adventure games, where it is important to carefully read all the dialogues and look for items at colorful levels. You need to not only explore every corner of the location, but also solve puzzles that should lead you on the trail of the criminal. Only when you calculate the real villain and repay him according to his merits, then you can only talk about victory.

In the Detective Story hack you will go through an amazing story, where you now and then will come across various colorful characters. In addition, you will investigate several different crimes, each of which has its own characteristics, so keep that in mind!

Features hacking Detective Story mod apk

With the help of modifications for Detective Story mod, you can enjoy a full-fledged game without restrictions. After all, the thing is that in the normal version there are some limitations that can be easily overcome with the help of this modification. But the most important thing is the opportunity to go through all the cases in the Detective Story hack without any problems!


Detective Story mod is a great opportunity to dive into an amazing story and help characters figure out a criminal. Travel around the city and explore the whole crime scene entirely, so as not to miss important details!

Download Detective Story hack you can now, simply by clicking on the links to download the full game with all the current updates. Moreover, you will also be available for free modification, which easily unlocks for you all the gaming features.

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