Diamo XL Mod + Apk for Android

Diamo XL mod apk is an incredibly simple arcade game, the essence of which is to accumulate points, moving along the lines and thus circling the triangular shapes. Your task is to simply survive, not just gaining points, but also avoiding collisions with red elements that will constantly fly past your lines, trying to hurt you on your way. If you want to leave the world record, you will have to be as attentive as possible!

Gameplay Diamo XL mod apk

In Diamo XL mod is nothing complicated, especially since you will be helped by training in the first stages. You just need to move a small element that can only move on a given element, trying to outline four triangles, which then will bring you points. The more times you complete all these actions, the more points you get! In general, everything is quite simple, if not for one thing.

In Diamo XL hack, you now and then will interfere with hostile red elements that will constantly fly past the playing field. Encountering them will lead to the end of the game and the scoring. So if you want to set a new record, then you need to avoid all meetings with enemies while you pass a level!

Features hacking Diamo XL mod apk

Being a very simple game, Diamo XL mod does not offer you any modification. Here and so everything is extremely simple, so just play and enjoy the gameplay. Moreover, the Diamo XL hack you can get completely free to play it anywhere, anytime!


Diamo XL mod is an interesting arcade game that will appeal to all fans of non-standard games. And simply, if you are looking for something new, then you should try to play this game. Suddenly you really enjoy this pastime!

After all, you should not download Diamo XL hack on your mobile device, and play it as much as you want. Follow the links and download only the full version of the game without restrictions. You can play anywhere, anytime, at any time and for free!

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