Diamond Dash Mod + Apk for Android

Diamond Dash mod apk is a bright and colorful puzzle game that will give you the pleasure of the gameplay for dozens of levels, where you will find exciting puzzles “three in a row”. Try to score more points, not only to go through all the stages in the game, but also to earn a decent rating that will allow you to compete with the best players in the world! Here everyone can earn fame only thanks to his skill!

Gameplay Diamond Dash mod apk

In Diamond Dash mod, the rules of the classic “three in a row” puzzle are applied. To be precise, your task is to score a certain number of points. You will do this in limited conditions, as each level is given a certain number of moves that you can spend on passing. In addition, you can also take advantage of strong bonuses that will facilitate your task.

Breaking Diamond Dash hack will make each level harder and harder. The difficulty will be manifested in the fact that the number of moves will decrease, and the limit of points for victory will increase. So try to look for the largest possible combinations that will help you earn more points per turn!

Features hacking Diamond Dash mod apk

Diamond Dash mod is a fairly simple game that you can play without any problems. Therefore, you are offered only the opportunity to download the full version of the game for free, so you should not hope for any modifications in the Diamond Dash hack! Play and enjoy the passage of the original levels!


Diamond Dash mod is another “three in a row” puzzle game that is unlikely to offer you something new, besides numerous levels, that you will be happy to go through again and again, trying to set a new record.

You can start playing Diamond Dash hack absolutely free by simply downloading the game from the links and starting to play without any restrictions. Just install it on your mobile device and enjoy the great and fun gameplay!

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