Dino Factory Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Dino Factory mod apk is a fun pixel arcade game in which you will create a wide variety of dinosaurs! Yes, it is here that your cherished dream of reviving these huge creatures will come true, while discovering more and more incredible species by crossing the most diverse reptiles among themselves. Immerse yourself in the world of dragons and create your unique creatures from scratch. It is only necessary to assemble a team of the best scientists and go through this difficult path with them.

Gameplay Dino Factory mod apk

In Dino Factory mod is a very simple gameplay, which is to hire scientists and bring together the most diverse dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago. But just to revive the existing species will be a bit boring, so you will have the opportunity to cross them together to get completely new fantastic varieties of these reptiles!

Dino Factory hack also has a huge amount of mini-games where your pets will be involved. Moreover, in this mini-games you will be able to fight with your friends, competing with him in various game modes for the sake of valuable rewards!

Features hacking Dino Factory mod apk

Use the modification for Dino Factory mod, if you want to get everything at once! Thanks to an unlimited amount of money, you will not be difficult to acquire all the improvements and other cool things in the game, for which you would save for a very long time in the original version of Dino Factory hack! So just play and enjoy the process!


Dino Factory mod – an interesting pixel arcade game that will appeal to all fans of dinosaurs and fun games. Here you will create your own reptiles, as well as cross them and get the most unexpected and fantastic results of their experiments.

Enjoy growing dinosaurs can be absolutely free, if you use the links on this site and download the full version of Dino Factory hack without restrictions and with a cool modification that will provide you with an unlimited amount of money!

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