Disney Magical Dice Mod + Apk for Android

Disney Magical Dice mod apk is a very funny version of Monopoly, where everything will be done in the style of Disney cartoons. Here you can choose for yourself various characters who came straight from your favorite animation, and as a business various sign places will be provided, which you probably could already see in all the works of Disney. Well, are you ready to fight with other players and win?

Gameplay Disney Magical Dice mod apk

In Disney Magical Dice mod is a fairly simple gameplay, which is only to roll the dice and move around the playing field as many steps forward as there are points on the dice. The task of the game is the same as in the original Monopoly – to accumulate the most money at the end of the game, or at least not to remain bankrupt. Buy businesses wisely, so as not to go into the minus!

In Disney Magical Dice hack you will be available to a variety of chips, made in the form of cartoon characters. Choose yourself any chip and go to learn the multiplayer game mode, where you will always be picked up by players of your level for hanging out!

Features hacking Disney Magical Dice mod apk

Disney Magical Dice mod is a very simple game that does not require any improvements or modifications. But then you can always and everywhere play the full version of Disney Magical Dice hack! And if you have access to the Internet, then call friends, acquaintances or random players to play together without restrictions!


At Disney Magical Dice mod is no big deal. This is still the same Monopoly with the same rules, but in a slightly different style. Nevertheless, it will still be fun and interesting for you to play your favorite game anywhere, anytime!

Download Disney Magical Dice hack you can always on this site. Moreover, only the full version of the game is available here with all the current updates and additions so that you can easily find suitable players online and play with them without any restrictions!

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