Dodge Arrow! Mod (Infinite Stars) + Apk for Android

Dodge Arrow! mod apk is a game for real brave people. Only here you can test your finger dexterity in a few minutes. Actions will occur very quickly and it will be necessary to immediately respond. The game is not childlike, because you will be driven by a sense of victory. Here, care is put in the first place, otherwise you risk being among the losers!

Gameplay Dodge Arrow! mod apk

Dodge Arrow! mod initially clearly sets its task – do not fall under the distribution of arrows. These are not ordinary wooden sticks that will shoot at you. The arrows are incredibly sharp and can easily pierce through your character. In addition, in each of them there is a deadly poison, in any case, if the arrow touches you, you will not survive.

Dodge Arrow! hack on the playing field! You will see a figure of arrows and your character inside this figure. The task is not easy – you need to get out of this figure alive. The arrows will start without warning, but one by one. The order of shots may be different, so watch him closely. If you win, you will receive a valuable prize.

Features hacking Dodge Arrow! mod apk

Stars – this is the main feature of the game Dodge Arrow! mod. Here you can earn them in unlimited quantities. It all depends on how many lives you have left after passing the level. The more the better for you! To better see your character, put him a photo on the profile. Now you will notice him among the various figures of arrows in the breaking of Dodge Arrow! hack.

The result

Dodge Arrow! mod will show how attentive you are. If the first time you will not be able, do not give up. Try to last, and you will get a positive result. With each level, the figures will become more difficult, but you should not be frightened, but rather motivated.

Game Dodge Arrow! hack can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge. It is enough to pick up a mobile device and press just one button. One minute will not pass as you see the installed application. You can begin to try your hand already, the main thing is to be initially confident in your success!

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