Don’t get fired! Mod + Apk for Android

Don’t get fired! mod apk is an exciting clicker where you will play the role of an office worker who has to perform certain duties and climb the career ladder while trying not to be unemployed in search of a new office. Go through the interview and start working for one of the many companies, while doing the most diverse work to make a lot of money!

Gameplay Don’t get fired! mod apk

Don’t get fired! mod consists of levels in which you will perform various office work by tapping the screen. You just need to move between senior employees and take on part of their responsibilities in order to complete the task as quickly as possible. It will be very difficult to lose, because even in case of dismissal you can continue to work in another company.

Also important in Don’t get fired! hack do not burn at work. And this is in the truest sense! So try even though to take on more work, so as not to be dismissed, but do not overwork, otherwise it can also lead to defeat. Well, the main goal is promotion up to the head of the entire office!

Features hacking Don’t get fired! mod apk

In Don’t get fired! mod is nothing complicated, but for a simpler climb up the career ladder, you can always use the modification! It just allows you to get cool bonuses, thanks to which it will not be difficult for you to do all the work in any volume for a quick break-in Don’t get fired! hack.


Don’t get fired! mod is a great pixel arcade game, where all you have to do is click on the screen and do various jobs. Immerse yourself in the world of corporations and try to find the perfect place for yourself, where you can easily grow to the head!

You can always download the Don’t get fired! hack to your mobile device, using the links on the site. You can download not only the full original, but also a modification for a simpler gameplay!

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