Door Kickers Mod (Misc) + Data + Apk for Android

Do you want something unusual? Then try Door Kickers mod apk! This game is a real simulator of the squadron commander, who needs to plan and carry out various tasks for neutralizing criminals by the forces of the armed special forces. Go through dozens of levels and develop your own unique tactics that will neutralize all the criminals in seconds, while keeping your entire unit intact!

Gameplay Door Kickers mod apk

Door Kickers mod is a strategic game in which you direct the actions of each member of the special forces squad. Before the beginning of the mission, it is necessary to correctly allocate all the roles and actions, which makes the game more like a puzzle than a strategy. In general, your task is to neutralize all criminals, while not harming civilians and not suffering losses. Every mistake costs points, so keep this in mind!

Door Kickers hack, in turn, provides a special modification with a wide range of actions. Starting from the fact that all levels become open, hacking also opens up access to a huge amount of weapons and other cool things!

Features Door Kickers mod apk

Actually, the main feature of Door Kickers mod is the ability to influence the destiny of each member of the squad with their specified actions. This game is so elaborate that the slightest error can cost a valuable employee’s life, as in the real work of special forces. Door Kickers hack has at least two-dimensional, but very detailed graphics!

The result

Door Kickers mod is a great opportunity to feel like a real commander of special forces that is responsible for every action of a subordinate and plans various special operations against the most dangerous criminals!

But the most important thing is not even the game itself, which you can download for free, but breaking in Door Kickers hack, which opens up all the things and possibilities in the game, allowing you to play without any restrictions. By the way, the modification is also available to you completely free of charge and otherwise identical to the original game!

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