Dragon City Mod + Apk for Android

A mixture of such genres as strategy and role-playing gave you Dragon City mod apk. Here you can collect a whole personal army of hundreds of different dragons and with them to compete for the title of the best dragon master with other players! But first of all, at your disposal will be a city for dragons, for the development of which you yourself answer. So you have a long way to greatness, accompanied by cute dragons that inhabit this fictional fairy-tale world.

Gameplay Dragon City mod apk

Dragon City hack anything, except the atmosphere and setting, does not differ much from its closest competitors. So if you are familiar with the gameplay of such games, you will not get used to it here. If you are a beginner, then learn quickly thanks to training. Just follow the tasks and build various buildings, which will soon populate the dragons.

The role-playing component in the game concerns exclusively dragons. In Dragon City mod, you can develop their abilities and provide new skills that will help them in battles with other dragons. These battles are included in the fight for the title of the best dragon master, which is presented in the form of a tournament. Fight with other players and win to earn this title!

Graphics and Sound Dragon City mod apk

The graphics in Dragon City mod are made in a cartoon style and well traced. The design of all the dragons is unique and executed really well. More specifically about the schedule, as, in fact, and the sound of Dragon City hack has nothing to say. There is sound in the game, it does not bother and it’s good!

The result

Dragon City hack is a bright and colorful children’s game that allows you to build your own private settlement, populated by wonderful and fantastic animals. There is really nothing more to say about this game. You can develop your dragons into mighty warriors, breed completely new varieties or simply watch the lives of the wards.

Dragon City mod you can download completely free of charge on your mobile device and with the head immersed in an exciting gameplay!

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