Drifty Chase Mod (Free Shopping) + Apk for Android

Drifty Chase mod apk is a simple arcade racing game that doesn’t require too much from you. Embark on an almost endless journey through the streets of busy cities, where you will try to plunder as much money as possible, without falling into the hands of the police and avoiding collisions with other cars. Just click on the screen to enter the turn, but you should be careful not to collide with another car and lose!

Gameplay Drifty Chase mod apk

In Drifty Chase mod, as already mentioned, is a very simple gameplay, which only requires you to be highly attentive and responsive. Here you just need to click on the screen to make your car turn, while trying not to crash into other cars, which will automatically lead to defeat. Collect money on your way and avoid police cars!

Breaking Drifty Chase hack, the difficulty of the game will only grow and grow! After all, the further you can drive, the more cars will be on the roads. This will greatly complicate your task to escape from the police, since the risk of facing another car will be very high!

Features hacking Drifty Chase mod apk

The only modification feature for Drifty Chase mod is free shopping at the game store. This means that you will be able to purchase other cars, bonuses, boosts and various things without restrictions, which will help you more than once during the passage of the Drifty Chase hack. Just play and enjoy the races!


In Drifty Chase mod, a very dynamic gameplay awaits you, the essence of which boils down to overtaking other cars, collecting money and avoiding clashes with the police. Score a lot of points to be able to, if not lead, then at least enter the list of the best players in the world!

Download Drifty Chase hack you can always absolutely free of charge, using the links that are presented on this site. You can download not only the original with all the updates, but also a modification for free purchases in the game store!

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