Drive Ahead Mod (Money) + Apk for Android

Take part in the most unusual derby! Drive Ahead mod apk – an exciting arcade where your goal will be the head of the enemy! And this is not a joke, because to win, you need to get the enemy hit on the head. And this rule operates in both directions, so take care of your head too. Epic bouts with bosses, stunning cars and fantastic arenas – that’s what awaits you in this game. Prepare for a battle in which you have never participated!

Gameplay Drive Ahead mod apk

Gameplay Drive Ahead hack is in the battles with the most different bosses that are just in the game. You are fighting one on one in the arena and you will need to do so that your opponent in the most literal sense gets on the head! This is how his life points will be taken away from him, and he will be able to lose if they reach zero!

You are also not protected from blows, so be careful. However, you have slightly different conditions, since you will not have a strip of lives. On the contrary, you are given a limited number of different techniques, and if they reach zero from your head blows – you lose. You can also play if time runs out. Drive Ahead mod provides at your disposal a lot of game currency, so you obviously will not lack it!

Graphics and Sound Drive Ahead mod apk

Drive Ahead hack will please you with old retro graphics, stylized for pixel arcade games. At the same time, the design of both vehicles and opponents is very elaborate and full of bright details! The soundtrack and sound in general – match the graphics, in Drive Ahead mod to this certainly do not carp.

The result

Drive Ahead hack is a good arcade game that will dilute you a couple of evenings. The game is really boring, and sometimes it will make you sweat in battle with the next boss, because to each of them you need to find a special approach to win!

Drive Ahead mod you can download completely free of charge and download to your mobile device. In return, you get a fully workable game with a huge heap of in-game currency! Play and have fun!

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