Duet Mod + Apk for Android

Duet mod apk is an exciting and unusual arcade game where you will complete many levels exclusively with your attentiveness and ingenuity. Get ready to overcome dozens of levels at which you will need to rotate the colored dots so that they do not collide with obstacles. Well, we are ready to try your hand at this game and go through all the levels to the very final, where you can even set a new record if you try very well!

Gameplay Duet mod apk

In Duet mod is nothing complicated. You just need to click on different sides of the screen to twist the circle with dots clockwise and counterclockwise. Your task is to prevent the points from encountering obstacles, successfully circumventing them with the right turns of the circles! Each time the obstacles will become harder and harder, offering you new challenges and trials!

In the Duet hack, there are also various record tables where you can measure yourself with other players. Try to achieve much better results and get more valuable rewards and prizes for them, to really get the opportunity to head the lists and declare yourself to other players from around the world!

Features hacking Duet mod apk

For Duet mod, there is no modification of the hack, but there is a stylish minimalistic graphics and a fascinating soundtrack that will make the process of passing the game more vivid and memorable. Otherwise, before you the original version of Duet hack, in which you can play for free and without restrictions!


Duet mod is a whole world of exciting levels that you will definitely pass with great pleasure, thanks to the simplicity of the gameplay, stylish graphics and unsurpassed sound. Try to set a new record or at least achieve the results of the best players!

To start playing Duet hack, all you need to do is click on the links and download the full version of the game to your mobile device. Everything will be available to you absolutely free, if only there was a desire and a smartphone at hand!

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