Dunk Hot Mod + Apk for Android

Dunk Hot mod apk is a game where you can become a virtual basketball player. Here you will be given a ball, which you will need to get into the basket. At each level you will have a task in which the number of points will be indicated. This number indicates the number of hits you must complete. In case of successful completion of the task, you will go to the next level and get a reward.

Gameplay Dunk Hot mod apk

In the game Dunk Hot mod, you will not see a huge basketball field and their rivals in the face. In addition, you do not see yourself, you do not have to choose even a character. You will play from the first person, and the management will fall on the ball. At the very beginning, you can choose the color of your ball, which you can pass a couple of levels. Next, click on the start button and show what you are capable of.

In Dunk Hot hack with each roll the basket will change its location and you will have to get into it. You will have an infinite number of attempts to hit the ball in the basket if you play in single player mode. If you like difficulties, then choose your opponent. On the playing field you will see two balls and the number of points you need to collect. Who is faster to cope is the winner.

Features hacking Dunk Hot mod apk

The Dunk Hot mod game has no features, but even without them it is very interesting. Here you can practice throwing the ball and then fight with an opponent. If you fall into the basket several times, you will drop a chest. It will be hidden reward that you deserve in Dunk Hot hack. When you win, you will also receive a reward. You can spend it on the ball, for this go to the store.


Dunk Hot mod is a simple but at the same time addictive game. In this game you can safely spend a few hours, especially when you run it for the first time. You can also invite your friends and leave the ball with them. In the rating table you will see your progress and motivate them themselves. Become the best player!

To download the game Dunk Hot hack you do not need money, but only the desire to play. Take a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. Wait until the download is complete and show who is the best here!

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