Dunkz Mod (Premium, All Unlocked) + Apk for Android

Dunkz mod apk is a simple arcade about basketball, where you will pass the levels and earn points with accurate ball hits to the basket. You had the opportunity to improve your skills and accuracy by taking part in really difficult trials, where there is only one condition – the ball should not fall to the bottom of the screen! Tap the screen to bounce the ball and hit exactly where you need to win!

Gameplay Dunkz mod apk

Actually, the whole gameplay in Dunkz mod does not constitute anything difficult. All you have to do is to click on the screen so that the ball does not fall down the screen and hit the rings, which will continually appear in different places. The game does not have a specific goal, it is only important to earn points in order to be able to get into various rating lists, which include only the best of the best!

In Dunkz hack you will also have access to various bonuses that you can always use for more accurate shots. Or in order to facilitate the gameplay and increase the number of points for each successful hit. In addition, you can choose different seeing balls, each of which has its own characteristics.

Features hacking Dunkz mod apk

For Dunkz mod there is a modification, which is a premium version with all the unlocked features! Now you can take advantage of all the premium features for free, as well as get a variety of bonuses and balls from the very beginning of the game in Dunkz hack!


Dunkz mod offers you a fun pastime that you can always spend for throwing the ball through virtual rings. Play and earn points to then be able to take pride of place in various ratings. And maybe even lead them!

Download Dunkz hack you can free and without restrictions, using the links that are provided to you on this site. Browse through them, download the game to your mobile device, install and play the premium version wherever and whenever you want!

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