Dust and Salt Mod + Apk for Android

Dust and Salt mod apk – this is an incredibly atmospheric text-based role-playing game with elements of a turn-based strategy that takes you into a fairy-tale world that is torn apart by war, and magic and magic reign. Create your character and with it plunge into a world full of intrigue and chaos. There are few actions here, but there is a fascinating story in which everything depends only on your decisions and choices!

Gameplay Dust and Salt mod apk

As already mentioned, Dust and Salt mod is a text-based role-playing game, where the entire plot and events are served in the form of texts. In the same place, you will choose various solutions and scenarios, to then find out where your actions will lead. Travel around a huge world map and complete various tasks that you can get in large cities and on the road.

Another feature of Dust and Salt hack is turn-based battles in the classic hexagonal style. Gather an impressive army to repel all the enemies that will meet on your way. And you have to fight quite a lot and often! Here your tactical skill is already affecting, and not what options you choose.

Features hacking Dust and Salt mod apk

Alas, but there are no modifications for Dust and Salt mod and never will be. This can be explained by the fact that there are so few things in the game that any modification could affect. So you just have to enjoy the original gameplay in Dust and Salt hack, which is already quite interesting to fans of similar role-playing games.


Dust and Salt mod is an interesting role-playing game, which has a variety of quests, a twisted plot and an interesting story that will be told against the background of current events. Here you choose your destiny, so make every choice consciously, thinking about its consequences!

Plunge into the world of magic and magic is quite simple. On this site you have access to a full version of the game, which you can download absolutely free. Dust and Salt hack is available to you at any time, just download it and install it on your mobile device to start playing!

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