Epic Astro Story Mod + Apk for Android

Epic Astro Story mod apk – this is your chance to feel like a space colonizer and establish a small but thriving colony on another planet! Explore a completely new world and start developing a small farm on it, which should soon become a city! Ready to face and cope with all the difficulties in a strange world in order to achieve their goals? Then forward to the adventure!

Gameplay Epic Astro Story mod apk

In Epic Astro Story mod the gameplay is a simple arcade strategy where you will build buildings and collect resources from them. As always, you will start the game from scratch, starting to build the first basic structures and starting your long journey to prosperity in a foreign world. If you want to quickly unlock all the game features, then complete the tasks that will occasionally set intermediate goals for you.

In the case of Epic Astro Story hack, you will gradually move from a small farm to a huge city, developing and expanding various buildings. Also in the game there was a place for the combat system, since alien beings will keep you from building the colony of your dreams!

Features hacking Epic Astro Story mod apk

Modification for Epic Astro Story mod allows you to get a faster start and accelerate development through various bonuses and boosts that give you unlimited possibilities. If you want a more dynamic game, then take a closer look at this version, and not the original Epic Astro Story hack!


Epic Astro Story mod is an exciting strategy game where you can build a colony of your dreams and make it the most prosperous place in the entire galaxy. Build buildings, develop them, have patience and you will be able to achieve your goal.

Download Epic Astro Story hack you can always absolutely free, using the links that you can find on the site. They allow you to download without any problems not only a full original, but also a modification for a simpler gameplay!

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