Escape! Drone Mod + Data + Apk for Android

Escape! Drone mod apk is a game where you can go on adventures. Here you will play the role of a father whose child was lost. In the morning you will go to his room to wake him to school, but you will not find your child in bed. Instead, you will be interested in his new toy, which will have an unusual look. As soon as you touch her, you will find yourself in another world.

Gameplay Escape! Drone mod apk

In the game Escape! Drone mod you have to go to another world where you can find your child. He, like you, happened to be here as soon as he touched a strange toy. He found her in his school, thinking that this is a gift for the upcoming holiday. No one can think that it will be a trap from which you cannot get out alone. Start the game and start acting!

In Escape! Drone hack you will wander in different locations, and unleash various tasks. At each level, you will have to wait for a new task and in order to do it, you will need to think well. You will have only one attempt, otherwise you will have to start all over again. In this game, you will always hear the voice of his son, who will confuse you.

Features hacking Escape! Drone mod apk

Escape! Drone mod does not have features, but that does not make it less interesting. Here you are waiting for exciting adventures from which it will be difficult for you to break away. For each successfully completed task you will receive a reward that will help you move on to Escape! Drone hack. Here you can buy tips and use them at the right time.


Escape! Drone mod is another world in which you will go with the help of a toy. You will find her on the table of the missing son and instantly the scenery will change before you. You will find yourself in a room that is full of mysteries. With each level, you will be met with new tasks and only by completing everything you can see your son. You will succeed!

Install game Escape! Drone hack is very simple, you can handle it in a couple of minutes. Take any modern gadget and connect to the network. Now click on the install button and wait for the full download. Have a nice game!

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