Escape the Mansion Mod (A lot of money) + Apk for Android

Escape the Mansion mod apk is a very interesting puzzle game where you will pass room by room in the hope of finding a way out of a mysterious mansion, where you accidentally hit. Plunge headlong into the world of secrets and try to solve all the puzzles on your way, to still get out and be away from all the challenges that you have to face in this wonderful quest game!

Gameplay Escape the Mansion mod apk

Escape the Mansion mod consists of a huge number of levels that constitute a room with some kind of puzzle. The game really has a lot of interesting puzzles that you need to go through to get closer to the long-awaited freedom. Each puzzle is unique in its own way, so that you will face new and new difficulties each time you solve a new task.

In Escape the Mansion hack stands out the atmosphere of a strange and deserted place, where you will pass all the tests. Thanks to the beautiful two-dimensional graphics and excellent sound, you yourself are transported into the world of the game and will solve all the puzzles and complete the levels yourself!

Features hacking Escape the Mansion mod apk

Thanks to the modification for Escape the Mansion mod breaking you can get a huge amount of money for which you can purchase various tips. They will be especially useful for you when passing very difficult final levels, where it is not so easy to solve puzzles in Escape the Mansion hack!


Escape the Mansion mod is a great game that allows you to train your brain and develop logical thinking by going through numerous puzzles in an abandoned mansion. Try to go through all the stages quickly in order to quickly get the long-awaited freedom!

Download Escape the Mansion hack you can always absolutely free, simply using the links on which you will always be available a full version of the game with all the latest updates. You can also download a modification that will add a lot of play money!

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