Escape Titanic Mod (Tips, everything is open, no ads) + Apk for Android

Escape Titanic mod apk is a fun quest game, the action of which will take place on the very Titanic that suffered a wreck from an iceberg. But this is still in the future, and now you are waiting for the most fascinating and non-standard puzzles that you will need to complete in order to get out of this ship before the sad fate overtakes it. Do not share it with her and try to escape from this trap!

Gameplay Escape Titanic mod apk

In Escape Titanic mod the whole gameplay is moving through various parts of the ship, where you will solve various puzzles every now and then to be able to move on. It makes no sense to describe the puzzles themselves, if only because it is better to find a solution for each one yourself. And the puzzles themselves are very diverse, so it makes no sense to describe each separately.

It is important to note that you will not be alone in Escape Titanic hack. You can always use the tips if you are stuck at a certain stage. But keep in mind, the tips are not endless, so you have to try to solve the next puzzle yourself and not resort to the tips at any opportunity.

Features hacking Escape Titanic mod apk

If you still want to remove the restrictions on tips, then download the modification for Escape Titanic mod! It just helps not only to get an infinite number of tips, but also to open all the levels. But most importantly – you will no longer see ads in the Escape Titanic hack! Now, nothing will distract you from puzzles.


Escape Titanic mod is a colorful, albeit in a cartoon style, game that will delight you throughout dozens of levels. Start with simple puzzles and gradually move towards more complex puzzles, which will definitely be during the game!

Download Escape Titanic hack you can easily and simply. Use the links and start downloading the full game right now. Moreover, you can also easily download the modification, with which it will be much easier to play!

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