Event Horizon Mod (Research Points) + Apk for Android

Event Horizon mod apk is an epic two-dimensional space role-playing game where you have to become the commander of a whole starship and go with him a huge number of various adventures among the stars. Go explore the vast universe, where there is always work for a mercenary like you. Show yourself as a professional and complete your tasks with the utmost quality and on time!

Gameplay Event Horizon mod apk

Event Horizon mod opens up a whole universe in front of you that you can explore without limits. You will begin your journey with a small ship and you will still have to earn a name for yourself in the entire galaxy. Develop in the world of the future, performing a variety of tasks and traveling among the stars. Who knows what adventures are prepared for you throughout the journey.

In the case of the Event Horizon hack, you will have access to the widest possibilities for modifying the ship, so that it always corresponds to your status. Put on him various weapons, upgrade modules and make them really formidable and invincible weapons! Well, or just buy a new type of ship to further enhance its combat capability in the fight against a powerful opponent.

Features hacking Event Horizon mod apk

With the help of modifications for Event Horizon mod, you can get a huge amount of research points in order to always be able to get the latest technology for even more powerful weapons that the ship can carry. A powerful weapon in breaking the Event Horizon hack is the key to all victories!


Event Horizon mod is a cool fantastic game where you can even capture a whole galaxy! Travel between the stars and make many amazing discoveries on your way to use them in your goals to capture if not the galaxy, then at least the solar system.

You can always download Event Horizon hack on your mobile device without restrictions to play and enjoy the full gameplay. Just follow the links and download either the original or a modification!

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