Evil Cogs Mod (All open) + Data + Apk for Android

Evil Cogs mod apk – a small ray of light that is trying to break through the darkness. Running the game you will see nothing but solid darkness. But as soon as a ray is born, a small part of the neighborhood will open up to you. In the dark you will meet many dangers from which you will need to escape. Your character is very weak and can do nothing, just escape. Help the little ray to survive in this world.

Gameplay Evil Cogs mod apk

In the game Evil Cogs mod you will control the sunbeam, which originated in the world of darkness. The local inhabitants are not very happy to see him and will try by all means to destroy him. Your character is not to blame for the fact that he emits light, but others do not understand this. In addition, he himself needs to look for sources of light in order to replenish his strength.

Also in the Evil Cogs hack, in addition to detractors, you will also encounter various difficulties. You will need to climb up and go through narrow gaps to continue your journey. You must be very careful in the dark kingdom, otherwise you will simply be destroyed. If you fail, you will have to start your journey from the very beginning.

Features hacking Evil Cogs mod apk

Evil Cogs mod has a small feature that can make you happy. All game locations will be open for you and you will not have to score a certain number of points to get to them. You just need to constantly move the character and save him from various troubles in Evil Cogs hack. It is very easy to control the hero, it’s enough to point him in the direction and he will immediately start moving.


If you are looking for a quiet game, then Evil Cogs mod is a great option. After all, it is here that bright colors will not irritate you and a pleasant melody will sound in your ears. In this game, you will not shake for each step, and you can safely control your character. Despite the fact that the game is simple, it takes you more than one hour of free time.

Evil Cogs hack can afford everyone, because the game is absolutely free. You need to pick up a mobile device or any other modern gadget and click on the install button. After a couple of minutes you will not see anything, except for one ray of light.

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