Evil Killer Mod (Health) + Apk for Android

Take part in the most atmospheric adventure in the world of Evil Killer mod apk. Here you will only fear, horror and despair, because you and the company accidentally happened to be near a strange city that was shrouded in mist. Get ready to explore this city, all the while facing the most terrible creatures of the dark world that may well kill you. So do not waste time and find a way to get out of this terrible place!

Gameplay Evil Killer mod apk

In Evil Killer mod your task will be to perform various tasks, which basically boil down to traveling around the city, exploring the houses where terrible monsters can dwell. You will have only one weapon – a flashlight, which must be regularly charged so that it can continue to light up your path. In addition, sometimes it is the only way to scare monsters from their own person.

In the breaking of Evil Killer hack you will undergo a very interesting and dynamic plot, during which you will be able to play for all three heroes that turned out to be in this terrible place. Help them get out and escape from all those horrors that they want to take their lives and forever lock up in this hellish place!

Features hacking Evil Killer mod apk

Evil Killer mod will please you with just one modification that will greatly simplify your stay in this city. You will enjoy not with any money, but with an infinite number of lives, thanks to which it is easy to get through the Evil Killer hack! Explore this terrible place without fear of monsters and other traps.


Evil Killer mod is a really scary story with a scary atmosphere where you need to help three friends get out and survive. Travel around the city and uncover all its secrets that can lead to an unexpected denouement!

You can start your journey through the fog as soon as you download the Evil Killer hack to your mobile device. And you can download the game absolutely for free! Immerse yourself in the horror of the atmosphere of the game and try to pass it to the end to save the main characters from death!

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