Fallout Shelter Mod (Caps, Resources) + Data + Apk for Android

Fallout Shelter mod apk is a game where you can try your hand at the role of caretaker. Difficult times have come in your country and, in order to be saved, the population moved to the bunker. It just so happens that it is you who own the bunker, so obviously who will be in charge. People, as you see, are not enough, and in order for them to feel comfortable, it is necessary to expand the apartment. To begin with, build the most important rooms, they will be responsible for the resources.

Gameplay Fallout Shelter mod apk

The Fallout Shelter mod game has the main task – to survive. After all, it is not known how much time you have to spend underground. Fantastic creatures have filled not only your city, but the entire planet. The worst thing is that they will burst into your bunker. In order to resist them, you must have strong shoulders. If you provide people with everything you need, then you will have nothing to fear.

In Fallout Shelter hack you will have assistants. All other rooms will be built by the residents of the bunker, but consider the time of construction depends on the number of workers. Over time, you will no longer be enough hands. To do this, you need to place in a separate room different sex characters and after a while they will make you a new worker. Only six hours and you will have another assistant.

Features hacking Fallout Shelter mod apk

The game Fallout Shelter mod has many features and this is its main advantage. You can always feed your people. A few months before the disaster, you stocked up with food, as if you felt trouble. Also, people came to the shelter not empty-handed, the reserves will last for a long time. You can also not worry about energy, because it is inexhaustible when breaking into a Fallout Shelter hack.


Fallout Shelter mod – a game that will help you to have a fun time. Here in the role of leader you will forget about real problems. After all, your main task will be to monitor the subordinates. It is necessary to collect profits in time and purchase materials for further constructions. Also always be on the alert, enemies will sneak up unnoticed.

Installing the Fallout Shelter hack is very easy. To do this, take a modern gadget and click on the install button. Wait a couple of seconds and you can run the game. Become the best manager and save the population.

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