Flippy Hills Mod (A lot of money) + Apk for Android

Flippy Hills mod apk is a fun arcade game that combines an incredible obstacle course, a cubic style and cool parkour! Take control of the rooster and go through a huge number of levels where you only need one thing – you will land correctly on your feet. Use flips to get through the entire strip and successfully overcome the finish line for victory and points! Are you ready to go through all the agony for the recognition of the players?

Gameplay Flippy Hills mod apk

As already mentioned, Flippy Hills mod is a set of levels where you will manage various types of animals, helping them to overcome many difficulties in their path. All you have to do is guess correctly with somersaults so that your character can land on his feet, and not any other part of the body. After all, otherwise you will only lose!

Flippy Hills hack will be a huge number of different levels that you have to go through in order to earn maximum points and enter the rating table. To successfully complete all levels, you need not only to reach the finish line, but also to collect all the coins in your path. And this is sometimes a very difficult task!

Features hacking Flippy Hills mod apk

Actually, for Flippy Hills mod, there is only one modification of hacking, which can greatly simplify the gameplay for you. It simply provides a huge amount of game money so that you can always get new characters or various bonuses for successfully passing the Flippy Hills hack!


Flippy Hills mod is an incredibly fun, but very difficult game in which you need to have self-control and patience to overcome all levels. Do not worry about defeats, because no one bothers to repeat the level again and again, until you achieve the desired results.

To download the Flippy Hills hack to your mobile device, you simply need to use the links and download the full version in the original or with a modification, and then immediately proceed to the gameplay itself! Everything is easy and simple, and most importantly – for free!

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