Flippy Knife Mod (Money, Coins) + Apk for Android

Flippy Knife mod apk is a fun arcade game with realistic physics, which offers you only one thing – to throw knives. But you will do this in a variety of situations where your task will not only be to throw the knife correctly so that it stabs at the landing site, which is difficult in itself, but also to get to a certain zone at the level. Try to pass all the tests and check in all the knives!

Gameplay Flippy Knife mod apk

As already mentioned above, Flippy Knife mod offers you a very simple gameplay, the essence of which is reduced only to throwing a knife, forcing it to land on the ground. In this case, you yourself set the direction and strength of the throw, so consider all the factors in order to correctly calculate the number of turns and complete the task perfectly!

In Flippy Knife hack there is a very huge selection of various knives, each of which has its own weight and balance, which is expressed in the characteristics of “weight” and “speed”. Use your chosen knife wisely to always know how to throw it, and thus successfully pass level after level!

Features hacking Flippy Knife mod apk

Want more money and coins in Flippy Knife mod? Then download the modification! With its help, you can purchase all the knives that are in the game on the first level and try them out! It is possible that with such a bonus it will be somewhat boring to play, but then you will be able to check all knives without breaking into the Flippy Knife hack!


Flippy Knife mod is a very interesting game that offers you dozens of tests with a huge number of different knives, each of which is unique not only in appearance but also in characteristics. Collect your personal collection of knives and go through the game with them to the bitter end!

To start playing the game, you first need to install the Flippy Knife hack on your mobile device! Make it very easy! You just need to follow the links and start a free download of a full-fledged game, then to install it and run it on your smartphone or tablet.

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