Flying Arrow Mod (Unlimited Money) + Apk for Android

Prepare to set new records in the fascinating arcade Flying Arrow mod apk! In it, you have to act as an archer and shoot arrows at the highest possible distance possible! But still it is desirable that the arrow hit the target, it will help to earn a lot of points. In general, play, gain experience in the game and discover new, fantastic arrows that will help you beat the records of other players and become the best player in the world!

Gameplay Flying Arrow mod apk

Flying Arrow hack – this is a game in which it is very easy to play! All that is required of you is to shoot arrows as far as possible and try to hit the target. For this you will receive points and coins, as well as raise your level in the game, which will open more and more new arrows. Arrows differ in characteristics, so that the better the arrow, the farther it will fly!

Flying Arrow mod will give you a huge pile of money in the game, with which you can immediately open all the necessary arrows and improvements to from the first level to set amazing records and entertain! Try all the arrows and choose your favorite among them.

Graphics and sound Flying Arrow mod apk

Flying Arrow hack does not particularly surprise you in the graphical plan. Three-dimensional graphics in the game is very simple and does not shine with some kind of uniqueness. But after all the graphics are not the main thing in this game, but the physics here is on top. About the sound of Flying Arrow mod, too, there is really nothing to say, the gameplay is accompanied by simple melodies and nothing more.

The result

Flying Arrow hack will be an excellent game that does not require any effort and will help you pass the time or just entertain you while you rest or travel. The game is free, so feel free to download it to your mobile device.

Flying Arrow mod in turn will provide you with a game currency and remove all restrictions, so you can just play and enjoy without thinking about where to get money for a new improvement in the game. Good luck in the formation of new records!

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