Fort Boyard Run Mod (Lots of coins, everything is open) + Apk for Android

Fort Boyard Run mod apk is a game that will make you nostalgic. After all, as soon as you start this game, you will remember the good old transfer. Here you will manage not one character, but the whole team, which consists of thirty people. Your task is to collect all the keys to open the main treasury. You have to overcome many obstacles and this will not be so easy.

Gameplay Fort Boyard Run mod apk

In the game Fort Boyard Run mod, you have to hack the whole team through a lot of tests. You will find a lot of rooms and mysterious corridors that will constantly bother you to get to victory. If you think that you will immediately run with the whole group in single file, then drop these thoughts. With each character you spend a certain amount of time.

Each hero in the Fort Boyard Run hack will have their own tasks, which you will have to complete. In the room you can expect anything, so try to mentally prepare. These can be various creatures that can take your hero’s life if you don’t make the right move. Also the room can howl in fire and you will need to find a way to put it out.

Features hacking Fort Boyard Run mod apk

In the game Fort Boyard Run mod you will initially have everything open and you can buy the necessary thing for you at any time. Also in the game you will have a large number of coins that you can collect while moving along the corridors. But to get to the main treasure in the Fort Boyard Run hack, you have to complete tasks and collect all the keys.


Fort Boyard Run mod is an exciting game where you just can not get bored. After all, here you will need to constantly adjust to the tasks, and in a short period of time. If you fail to complete the level from the first time, you do not need to give up. Constantly try your strength and only then you will succeed. Do not waste your time and start the game right now!

Installing the game Fort Boyard Run hack will not take much time and effort from you, everything is simple here. Take a mobile device or any gadget convenient for you and click on the install button. Have a nice game!

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