Friendly Fire! Mod + Apk for Android

Friendly Fire! mod apk is a colorful online strategy game in which you will command large forces and build powerful bases! Call your friends to start your conquest of the fictional world together, starting from the bottom and gradually moving to the top, trying to grab as much of the cake as possible. Capture the land, defeat other players and become the ruler of the whole world where your rules will be established!

Gameplay Friendly Fire! mod apk

In Friendly Fire! mod gameplay is similar to other online strategies. Your main task will be to capture the various territories that will bring resources. The more territories you get, the more you can keep the troops, which will be your main tool in further conquests. Combine types of troops to gain an advantage and inflict crushing damage on the enemy.

In Friendly Fire! hack also an important element is your base, which must be fully developed. So be patient, because this is a slow business and you have to wait a long time before you can create the perfect center for your future empire!

Features hacking Friendly Fire! mod apk

Friendly Fire! mod is an online game, which means you will have to rely solely on your own strength. But on the other hand, you can play with fun and without restrictions, since you will immediately be able to access the full version of the game with all the current updates for battles with other players in the breaking of Friendly Fire! hack.


Friendly Fire! mod is a beautiful and bright strategy that presents no difficulty in mastering, but will be able to surprise with a variety of troops and the ability to communicate with any player from around the world. Create your alliance and bring it to world domination!

To download Friendly Fire! hack on your mobile device, you just need to click on the links and download the full version of the game. And then just install the game and join the team with other players to do battle and conquest together!

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