Fruit Cube Blast Mod (Coins, lives, moves) + Apk for Android

If you miss the simple puzzles, then welcome to the colorful world of Fruit Cube Blast mod apk! This is a great game that will offer you not one hundred puzzles “three in a row”, decorated in bright colorful style. Prepare yourself, because the further you go through the levels, the more difficult the puzzle will be. So do not let yourself be deceived by the simplicity of the initial levels, because everything in the game goes on increasing. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then good luck to you to solve all problems and become a winner!

Gameplay Fruit Cube Blast mod apk

What about the gameplay in Fruit Cube Blast mod? It is very simple and is a series of puzzles “three in a row,” which, in fact, is not so difficult to solve. The only important thing is that you have some limitations, which makes the passing of the game a challenge. And the further you advance through the levels, the more difficult the problems will come across, but the more points you will receive for the successful passage. Points go to the overall table of records, so that there is something to fight in the game!

Want to make the game easier and friendlier? Then use Fruit Cube Blast hack! He does not just make gambling coins and lives endless, but the number of moves in each level will no longer be a problem when passing through. You will have a lot of them too!

Features Fruit Cube Blast mod apk

Fruit Cube Blast mod can boast of stylish graphics and bright colors that are full of colors throughout all levels. Also you have the opportunity to use various bonuses that will help in solving especially complex puzzles. In addition, in Fruit Cube Blast hack you can challenge all your friends on Facebook and join them in playing this fun game!

The result

Fruit Cube Blast mod is perfect for fans of puzzles, and especially for children. After all, the game is focused primarily on the children’s audience, thanks to the riot of colors and the style of the game as a whole.

You can download the original for free, but why play a clean game if you can use Fruit Cube Blast hack, which does not limit you to anything and gives you the opportunity to play as much as you want!

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