Fruit Ninja Premium Mod (Bonuses, Carambola) + Apk for Android

As you may have guessed, Fruit Ninja Premium mod apk is a premium version of the popular free arcade game, where your task will be to cut fruits using secret ninja techniques. Get ready to get even more fun and pleasure in the new version of the game, which will offer you much more opportunities than if you continued to play the free version. Are you ready to set a couple of new records?

Gameplay Fruit Ninja Premium mod apk

Fruit Ninja Premium mod is a very simple gameplay that requires only attentiveness and fast fingers from you. Your task, regardless of the selected mode – is to cut a variety of fruits that will fly out from the bottom of the screen. If you could cut several fruits at once with one finger movement, you will get additional bonus points for the combination

In the Fruit Ninja Premium hack there are different modes, each of which has its own table of records and conditions. In one mode, you will simply cut the fruit for a while, but in the other you can also come across various useful bonuses and bombs, avoiding which is a necessity for successfully completing the level with the maximum score.

Features hacking Fruit Ninja Premium mod apk

In addition to the fact that you can play for free the premium version of Fruit Ninja Premium mod, you will also have access to a strong modification that will make passing the levels easier. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of various bonuses without any restrictions to successfully set new records in the Fruit Ninja Premium hack!


Fruit Ninja Premium mod will give you much more joy and pleasure from the process of the game than if you were playing the free version of the game. Except for some bonuses and features, the rest of both versions are identical. So if you have already played the free version, then everything will be familiar here.

Download Fruit Ninja Premium hack you can absolutely free and at any convenient time! After all, you can always use the links on this site to start downloading a full-fledged copy of the game on your mobile device, with and without modification!

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