Generals TD HD Mod (Upgrades, Money, Energy) + Apk for Android

It’s time for the final battle! Collect all your troops in Generals TD HD mod apk and protect your own house from the threat of being destroyed during the enemy attack! As you have already guessed, this is a “tower defense” strategy, where you will need to competently manage the available troops and build towers. They will protect you during each of the missions, where the goal is the same – to stand up to the onslaught of the enemy and smash all his forces!

Gameplay Generals TD HD mod apk

Generals TD HD mod is an uncomplicated strategy game in which you will need to hold positions, fighting off numerous waves of the enemy, that they will try to tear down their defenses and get to their destination. That is exactly what you will have to defend against them for several dozen levels. Erect towers and put the best troops on the battlefield to give a fitting rebuff to the enemy.

During Generals TD HD hack between missions, you can upgrade troops and towers for money earned during battles. So you are free to choose the path of their development! Consider that the enemies will become stronger and stronger with each level, so that in a timely manner improve your strength in order to survive!

Features hacking Generals TD HD mod apk

If it is difficult to play, then use the modification for Generals TD HD mod. It will provide you with as much money and resources as is necessary for a full upgrade of everything and everyone, as well as for acquiring all the gains that can help in the most difficult battles. Go through Generals TD HD hack much easier than if you played the original!


Generals TD HD mod is an interesting three-dimensional strategy game that takes you into the fictional world of wars and battles. Help the troops defeat all their opponents and bring order to their land.

Download Generals TD HD hack whenever you please! After all, you can always use the links on this site to not just download the current full version of the game, but a version with a modification that will simplify your gameplay and make it much more dynamic than the original!

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