Genies & Gems Mod (Coins, levels) + Apk for Android

Genies & Gems mod apk is an elementary puzzle game where you need to help the Chanterell to get to the treasure. How? Just solving puzzles “three in a row”! Prepare to go to the whole adventure, which will last not a dozen and not a hundred, but several hundreds of fascinating puzzles. All of them put before you one single goal – to spend the Chanterelles through a long way, making the best combinations of elements.

Gameplay Genies & Gems mod apk

Genies & Gems mod is a standard “three in a row” puzzle, which, however, puts before you a very original task at each level, which is to help the Chanter to reach the treasure. To do this it is necessary, of course, for a limited number of moves. You only need to collect combinations that include a special character with a “paw”, which is responsible for the movements of the main character.

Genies & Gems hack can offer you just a huge number of similar levels, so if you are interested in such puzzles, then you risk staying here for a long time. But if you spend time here fun and interesting, then this is not even a minus, but a huge plus of this game! In general, go through the levels and save points to not only go through the whole game, but also to demonstrate the best result among all players.

Features of hacking Genies & Gems mod apk

What makes Genies & Gems mod? That’s right, gives you free play money! For coins you can buy various bonuses and other useful things that will be useful for quick and easy passage of the whole game. It is useful if you are stuck at some point in Genies & Gems hack, and there are no tips left!

The result

Genies & Gems mod is a game for those players that just adore these puzzles and want to play them all day long. The rest of the players are unlikely to find anything new for themselves, if they already had the experience of playing the “three in a row” puzzle.

In any case, to get acquainted with the Genies & Gems hack, simply download the game to your mobile device and play it. A full version of the game, both in the original and with the modification will be available to you completely free of charge at any time.

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