Geometry Dash Mod (Miscellaneous) + Apk for Android

Geometry Dash mod apk is a very hardcore arcade game in which your only task will be to overcome difficulties on a long path, which consists of obstacles of varying difficulty. Tap the screen to make the cube bounce and avoid traps that can lead to quick completion of the level. Be prepared for any difficulties, because there are really very difficult levels that only will become even more difficult!

Gameplay Geometry Dash mod apk

In Geometry Dash mod, the gameplay is like a typical platform game. The only difference is that the character himself moves through the levels, and you only need to press the screen in time to avoid collisions with obstacles. Accordingly, it is not easy to lose here, but very easy! You need to be extremely attentive and quick to correctly press the screen and pass this or that obstacle.

In Geometry Dash hack there are so many levels of various appearance. They will replace each other very dynamically, so you have to quickly adapt to the passage of the next stage in order to successfully overcome it and get a well-deserved reward for it!

Features hacking Geometry Dash mod apk

Modification for Geometry Dash mod offers you a huge number of various bonuses and improvements, including unlimited opportunities for easy passage of all levels in the game. Just relax and enjoy each level covered by breaking into Geometry Dash hack, which you can do without effort at all.


Geometry Dash mod is a great game for hardcore players who missed the really difficult arcade game. Meet dozens of tests at colorful levels, where you will have only one goal – to reach the finish line and accumulate a lot of points!

You can download Geometry Dash hack for free by clicking on the links that allow you to download the full version of the game both in the original and with the modification. Download, install on your mobile device and play at your pleasure wherever and whenever you want!

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