Global Outbreak Mod + Apk for Android

Global Outbreak mod apk – a game where you will need to destroy the virus. At the moment, it serves as the most powerful weapon, as it is capable of killing all living things in the area. You need to find the main source and destroy it, and then go to the destruction of infected people. Hurry up, because the disease spreads at the speed of light. Launch the game now!

Gameplay Global Outbreak mod apk

In the game Global Outbreak mod you will play the role of a scientist who accidentally discovered a dangerous virus. Almost a day most of the planet was infected and with every hour the number of infected becomes more and more. You must stop the outbreak of the epidemic, otherwise all people will die, including you. Try to think and act quickly at the same time.

In the Global Outbreak hack, you will need to move around the whole map and destroy the virus, or rather the infected people. They can not be saved by anything and you only have one way out – to kill the walking dead. To do this, you will have a special serum, which painlessly send monsters to another world. Start your mission now, while there is still life on the planet.

Features hacking Global Outbreak mod apk

The Global Outbreak mod game has no features, but that doesn’t make it worse. As long as local authorities decide how to deal with the problem, you will act. Collect all the power into a fist and go to the hot spots, because only you can save humanity. For each cleaned area in the Global Outbreak hack you will receive a reward.


Global Outbreak mod – a game where you will perform an important mission. After all, the future life of the planet will depend on your actions, so do not let down. Be very careful, because the dead can attack you from any side. If you get defeated, do not build upset, because this is just a game. Try your strength again and you will definitely get everything

With the installation of the game, the Global Outbreak hack will understand everyone, there is nothing complicated in it. Take a mobile device or any gadget convenient for you and click on the install button. Have a nice game!

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