Glory of Tower Battle Mod (Lot of money) + Apk for Android

Glory of Tower Battle mod apk – the struggle of two towers, which has been going on for a long time. You need to put an end to this, but this will not be so easy. You will need to get used to the role of a knight who will attack his opponent. Your main task is to destroy the enemy’s tower, but with the help of one strike it will be unrealistic to do. You will destroy blocks one by one and you need to do it first.

Gameplay Glory of Tower Battle mod apk

In the game Glory of Tower Battle mod you have to become a defender of the castle. But your task will be not only to save at least a piece of the tower, but also to destroy the enemy’s tower. On the playing field, you will see two buildings, on the tops of which knights will sit. You will need to fire at each other’s towers in turn, destroying the blocks. What player will have a tower block will be considered the winner.

In Glory of Battle Battle hack, you should use bonuses that you can buy in the store. With them, you can protect your tower from the blow of the enemy. Thus, he will miss the move and he will have less chance of winning. But the enemy can make exactly such a move, so think over your actions in advance. Do not rush to click on the screen, better think well.

Features hacking Glory of Tower Battle mod apk

The game Glory of Tower Battle mod has its own feature – it is money. Here you can get them in the course of the game, with each shot. But the coins will be credited to your account if you will fall into the tower of the enemy and will not miss. You will be able to buy bonuses that can protect your building for the received award for breaking Glory of Tower Battle hack.


Glory of Tower Battle mod is an exciting game that will appeal to both children and adults. Here you can forget about the real world and immerse yourself completely in the game. In this game you will defend the tower, which your opponent wants to destroy. You can also fight with your friends, but for this you need to invite them to the game.

With the installation of the game Glory of Tower Battle hack, you should have no difficulty, because it is very easy to do. You will need to take any modern gadget and click on the install button. Wait until the download is complete and start the game.

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