Go Helicopter (Helicopters) Mod (Infinite Money) + Apk for Android

Go Helicopter (Helicopters) mod apk is a fun arcade game with puzzle elements in which you control a helicopter and must eliminate various obstacles along the way of the truck. Be prepared to overcome more than a dozen levels, gradually facing more difficult and serious obstacles that must be overcome in the shortest possible time! Ready to help the truck get to the finish line, solving all the problems on the road?

Gameplay Go Helicopter (Helicopters) mod apk

Go Helicopter (Helicopters) mod has a simple gameplay where you need to move around on a helicopter and pick up a variety of things using a magnet. It is the magnet that will be your main tool in solving various problems, be it an unexpected wall in the middle of the road or a pit through which you need to transfer a self-made bridge from scrap materials.

With each stage, the difficulty of Go Helicopter (Helicopters) hack will only grow and grow, which may cause certain difficulties at high levels. Also keep in mind that the truck is constantly moving, and you need to have time to clear the path before it arrives at the next obstacle!

Features hacking Go Helicopter (Helicopters) mod apk

Want to simplify your life in the game? Then get just an infinite amount of play money from the very beginning of your journey in Go Helicopter (Helicopters) mod. All this thanks to a special modification that will greatly simplify your gameplay, opening up unlimited access to various improvements and other things that only Go Go Helicopter (Helicopters) hack has been cracked.


Go Helicopter (Helicopters) mod is a dynamic arcade game, where you will also solve hundreds of puzzles on the way of vehicles. You will encounter the most unusual difficulties, it is necessary to reach a certain stage of the game.

Download Go Helicopter (Helicopters) hack you can absolutely free. You just have to click on the links and download the current version of the game with or without modification. Just install and play without limits!

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